LeiVola (lay-voh-lah): Italian translation of ‘She Soars’

LeiVola Polewear is a premium quality, pole-inspired clothing line that embodies feminine strength, courage, character, and beauty, recognizing that a woman is multi-dimensional; she soars not only on her aerial apparatus, but also in her everyday life as a confident, fearless individual. Created by pole dancer and instructor Danielle Amico, LeiVola’s inspiration comes from the growing number of passionate women who regularly engage in and truly love the art of pole*. It unapologetically carries the word ‘Polewear’ in its name to help these women express the pride they feel in their sport. Each LeiVola piece is designed for and tested on the pole to ensure the highest level of comfort and coverage even during the most complicated movements, all while maintaining the feminine edge that is often lacking in women’s activewear.

Soar high, Feel beautiful, Live Limitless in LeiVola  

*Note to Yoginis, runners, gym enthusiasts, etc.: Although LeiVola is ‘designed with the pole dancer in mind’, we haven’t forgotten about you! The fabric and cut of LeiVola clothing is ideal for all types of physical activity and as an added bonus, you’ll look like the stylish, feminine woman you are while doing so. Enjoy!