There’s a few peeps I’d like to virtually hug for their role in LeiVola:

  • Josie Castaneda: Showed me the ropes of this crazy fashion industry and produced the first LeiVola prototypes.
  • Greg Motylenski: Designed the first phase of the LeiVola site and attended to many weird Danielle requests.
  • Maurizio Grammatico: Created the LeiVola logo and all marketing materials from business cards, to flyers, to photo-shopping. Also a victim of weird Danielle requests.
  • Jason Lydon: Web developer extraordinaire, AKA HTML whisperer.
  • Marcos DC: Photographer for phase 1 of
  • Ray Tamarra: Photographer for phase 2 of (current site).
  • Constance & Eric: Best videographers ever (and some of the nicest people I know)

And of course my family, boyfriend, and friends who have supported me immensely throughout this process!